This is a question I have ran into time and time again in my 28+ years in the computer field. Is backing up your data important along with “What should I back up?”.

The best example I can give someone as to the importance of backing up your data is for you to walk to your desktop or laptop and shut it down. Then sit and think “What would I lose if this didn’t turn back on?”, or, “If my data could be recovered, how much would it cost?”. That would be the best example for someone to face. Generally Small Businesses React vs. Act on planning for those things. Also, if you do back up your data at work, have you ever looked to see what is being backed up or if it still is backing up?

I went into a potential client’s business one day discussing some of the services that 910Geeks offer. Backup Services was a question I asked. The owner said “We don’t do online Backups but we do use a local external hard drive”, which I thought, good they have a plan. When we went to the computer to see what all was being backed up, I noticed that the external hard drive was unplugged from the computer. After we looked into it, his company hadn’t backed up their data in over 4 months. Something that simple could have cost them a lot of data and man hours trying to reproduce 4 months of work. That is one of many examples I could give based on my experience, let alone other technicians and what they have had over the years.

What would I lose if this didn’t turn back on? If my data could be recovered, how much would it cost?

So how do you get answers to those questions? At 910Geeks, we have partnered with a leading company for Online and Cloud based Backups.

Our Online Cloud Partner offers the following with their Backup Services:
– 10 Years with a proven Track Record
– Over 20 Billion Files recovered
– Over 300 Petabytes (Yes that’s a word) of files backed up
– AES 128 bit Encryption
– Transferring through a SSL for security

Online backups not appealing to you? Our experienced staff can also help you implement a local back up solution as well!

910Geeks can provide different Back Up Packages designed for your business and network no matter what size, to make sure you are efficiently and effectively backed up! It is always better to be proactive with your data’s integrity than reactive when the damage has already been done!

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